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Welcome to the Sensload homepage.

Emerging application areas of computing technologies exist that involve the monitoring of continuous variables. One such area concerns transportation. Such monitoring yields massive update loads that existing systems are unable to contend with. The Sensload project proposes a two-pronged approach to enabling the support of such application areas. It explores techniques for selective shedding of updates and it will develop data structures and algorithms that increase the numbers of updates per time unit that database systems are able to accommodate.

Sensload is a project at Center for Data-intensive Systems, Aalborg University.

Sensload is sponsored by The Danish Research Council for Technology and Production Sciences.


August 29, 2008

The homepage for the project Sensload is up and ready. From now on all related information will be posted here.

January 31, 2012

The project Sensload has ended.


Christian S. Jensen, Professor

Simonas Šaltenis, Associate Professor

Darius Šidlauskas, Ph.D student


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